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Should You Consider Cremations in College Park, MD?


Here at Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A., we offer cremation services for residents in College Park, MD, and the surrounding areas. We understand that it can be difficult to make these decisions for a family member. So, our team is here to offer the support and services that you need when you are choosing the right services. You need to consider your budget and the preferences of your family, and then talk to us to ensure that everything is completed as desired.  Please call us at 1-301-937-1707 so we can help you through this process.

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Are you pre-planning your future funeral arrangements, and considering cremation instead of a traditional funeral? Or, maybe you are planning a funeral for someone that you love. Families often choose the traditional practice of a viewing, funeral, and graveside service. But, many people are looking at alternatives, such as cremations.

If you aren’t ready to commit to cremation, but you are interested in learning more, then you are welcome to contact our team. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your options. Then, we will gladly cater to the services to match your requests.

Why Cremation instead of a Traditional Burial?

As you learn more about cremation, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing these services. The biggest benefit is the reduction in cost for the funeral services. Families often carry a big financial burden when it is time to plan a funeral. Not only do you need to pay for the use of a funeral home, but there are additional costs for embalming, a casket, graveside services, a burial plot, and more.

In comparison, cremation is quite a bit cheaper than a regular funeral. There is no need to pay for embalming unless you want to have a viewing before the cremation. Also, you can skip the costs of paying for a burial plot or a location to host the funeral.

Another benefit of cremation is that it offers a natural way for the person to return to the earth after death. When a big casket is buried, it could potentially have a negative impact on the environment. So, it might not be the best solution if you are looking for a way to reduce pollution. In comparison, cremation can be used so that the ashes can be scattered. The person is returned to nature in a place that they loved, without polluting the environment.

Some people prefer a funeral in conjunction with the cremation. Other families choose to have a celebration of life at a park or in a location where the ashes will be scattered. You need to consider the need for your family, then choose a solution that will offer everyone the best option to say goodbye.

Final Resting Place: What is the Best Location?

Cremation opens your options regarding the final resting place. You could have the ashes placed in an urn, allowing you to keep a memory of that person close to home. Another option is to divide out the ashes into multiple urns so that they can be distributed among family members.

Scattering the ashes is a priority for many families. Pick a location that was special to the deceased, such as a favorite vacation spot or a beautiful place in nature. Or, the ashes can be scattered in a memorial garden where the family can visit to pay their respects.

Are you interested in cremation, but still want a traditional headstone? Then you might consider placing the urn in the family burial plot. A graveside service can be held, and the urn will be laid to rest with a headstone in place.

Pre-Planning Cremation

If you would like to be cremated, but you aren’t sure if your family will agree, then you might consider the option to schedule the cremation in advance. Regardless of your age or health, you can pre-plan your final arrangements with our company. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to voice your wishes so that there is no doubt about the best funeral plan after you are gone.

Additionally, pre-planning allows you to pay for the services in advance. So, you won’t need to worry about the financial burden that will be on the family after you are gone.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn about Cremation

Do you want more details about the benefits of cremation? If you are planning funeral services in College Park, MD or the surrounding areas, then you need to talk to our team to learn more about the options that are available. We will schedule a time for a consultation, and help you compare the pros and cons.

For more information, talk to us at Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A. You can come to our funeral home at 4400 Powder Mill Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705. Or, call to set a convenient time for your consultation: (301) 937-1707


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