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Which Funeral Home in College Park, MD Offers the Best Services?

At Borgwardt Funeral Home, we take great pride in caring for our families, and will work tirelessly to provide you with a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one. In addition to the services we offer, you will receive an online memorial that you can share with family and friends. While honoring your loved one is our top priority, we also want to help you through this difficult time. We have a wide range of resources to support you not only today, but in the weeks and months to come.  You are welcome to call us (301) 937-1707 any time of the day, any day of the week, for immediate assistance.

When you are planning a funeral, you need to consider the desires of the deceased and the needs of the family. It can be an overwhelming experience to work through these difficult decisions. So, it is important that you choose a funeral home that provides the support that you need.

If you are searching for a funeral home in College Park, MD, we invite you to learn more about the services that we offer here at Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A. We are experts in the industry, and our goal is to provide the caring, respectful options that your family deserves.

One of the benefits of our services is that we will gladly cater the arrangements to match your preferences. We will schedule a time for a consultation, giving us the opportunity to ask questions and learn about your goals. Then, the arrangements will match your requests so that the day goes according to plan.

You will see that our top-notch services offer a perfect solution to say your final goodbyes to someone that you love. When we are handling the details, you can relax and spend the time with your family. Our full-service solutions are designed to reduce your stress and provide the emotional support that will carry you through this experience.

Planning the Service Details

When it is time to choose the location, time, and details of the funeral, many people are overwhelmed by the options. Not only do they need to consider the preferences of the family, but they want to plan something that will leave a positive, lasting memory for everyone in attendance.

Talk to our team, and you will see that there are many ways that these funeral home services can be personalized. These are a few options that you might consider:

  • Do you want an open-casket viewing, or a closed-casket or cremation service?
  • Where would you like the services to be held? You can gather in our funeral home, or have the services in a local church or meeting house that meets the needs of your family. 
  • What type of casket reflects the personality of the deceased? 
  • Where will the body be buried? 
  • Do you prefer a traditional funeral or a celebration of life? 
  • How should the ashes be handled if you choose cremation? 

During your consultation, we will ask the right questions to design the perfect funeral service. We know that you have many details to handle. These personalized services give us the opportunity to create a day that will match your preferences.

Cremation or Traditional Funeral?

One of the biggest questions for families is whether it is better to plan a traditional funeral or a cremation. If you want to follow tradition, then it makes sense that you would plan a viewing, funeral, and graveside service. But, some families have unique traditions or different preferences. Other options can be arranged, including cremation, Veteran services, and more.

Even if you are planning a cremation, you can still have a funeral or viewing without the graveside service. Or, some people choose cremation and have the ashes buried in a cemetery plot. Another option is to plan a celebration of life after the cremation is completed, giving people the opportunity to share their memories while the ashes are scattered.

The benefit of cremation is it is cheaper compared to a traditional funeral. Also, many families prefer the option to keep the ashes nearby in an urn. There are also many benefits to sticking with a traditional viewing, funeral, and graveside service. So, the best thing that you can do is consider the needs of your family. Then, talk to our team so that we can ensure that the plans are made to match your preferences.

Should You Pre-Arrange a Funeral?

If you are nearing the end of your life and you want to reduce the stress on your family, then you might consider the option to pre-arrange the services. Not only can you pay for the arrangements to reduce the financial burden, but you can eliminate the questions about your final wishes.

These plans can be made at any time. When you contact our company about preplanning services, we will schedule a time to discuss your wishes. You can rest assured to know that the funeral arrangements will move forward as directed by your plan.

Schedule a Consultation with the Leading Funeral Home in College Park, MD

When you are ready to learn more about funeral home services, then Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A. is available to help. We always offer respectful, caring services to the families that hire our team. You can visit our funeral home located at 4400 Powder Mill Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705. Or, call if you have questions about the services that we offer: (301) 937-1707

Cremations FAQs

Can I Arrange for a Funeral Service on Weekends or Holidays in College Park, MD?

Many funeral homes in College Park offer flexibility in scheduling funeral services, including weekends and holidays. It's advisable to discuss your preferred date and time with the funeral home staff.

Can I Arrange for Military Honors During the Funeral for a Veteran in College Park, MD?

Yes, families of eligible veterans can arrange for military honors during the funeral service in College Park, MD. It's recommended to coordinate with the funeral home and relevant military authorities.

What Role Does the Funeral Director Play in the Planning Process in College Park?

The funeral director in College Park plays a crucial role in guiding families through the planning process. They assist with paperwork, coordinate services, offer advice on options, and ensure that all aspects of the funeral are handled smoothly.

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