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Kam Sau (Ng) Wong

January 11, 1918 ~ March 5, 2019 (age 101)
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首先, 我代表全家來感謝你們每一位來為我們母親送行, 我們的母親是個平凡的女性, 卻有着不平凡的一生。 她在1918年1月11日出生於台山四九昌平村,家中兄弟姊妹眾多,她排行最小,所以養成剛強獨立, 深謀遠慮的性格。

父親在 1946 年從菲律賓回國和母親結婚後, 又回去經商, 家中一切便靠母親主持家政, 父親非常信任母親, 所以他能專心在海外經營德美 (ACME Supermarket)。 他時常自毫地說, 一生没有做過對不起妻子的事, 又時常讚美母親的節儉, 不知她是那間經濟大學出來的,他就是這樣沾沾自喜地渡過大半生。

1956年我們搬去香港,母親將父親歷年來給她的積蓄, 買了一層好地段的公寓, 稍後父親退休後回香港定居, 使我們有個温暖的家, 雖然我們在新環境生活安定, 但母親的儉樸絲毫不改, 這也深深影响我們的生活習慣和她一樣。

1983年父母移民美國, 與兒孫同住, 盡享晚年之福, 她對兒孫甚為慷慨, 並樂於助人,她的愛心勝於一切。她在 2019年3月5日沉沉熟睡, 優閒安祥地渡過101 歲。

世間天使, 是我母親,

給我生命, 賜我靈魂,

養我育我, 教我自新,

兒女有幸, 每天侍奉,

親近慈顏, 到你終身,

母愛長存, 常記親恩。

We want to thank you for coming to bid farewell to our mother. Your kindness is deeply appreciated. Our mother was born on January 11, 1918 in Toisan, China. She was the youngest in her family. She had learned to be independent, strong and farsighted among all her older siblings.

In 1946, our dad came back to China from Philippines to marry our mom. He soon returned to Philippines to take care of his ACME supermarket business. Dad relied entirely on mom for her confidence by holding the fort down, and he was fully satisfied with mom's dedication in taking care of the family while he was not home. Dad always said proudly that he had always been a faithful husband. He always thought of mom as a great economist.

In 1956 our family moved to Hong Kong. Mom saved up enough money to buy a condo in a good location from the monies that dad sent home. Soon after, our dad retired and came back to live with us in Hong Kong. Mom continued to live in the way of life she thought it should be, which is never spending too much. Saving for rainy day is her motto. That was the way we were brought up. This is the virtue we have learned from her.

In 1983, dad and mom decided to migrate to America. They lived with us for many years, enjoying abundant family love between three generations. She was always generous to her grandchildren and loved ones, but never asking anything in return. On March 5, 2019 she grew tired and weak and wanted to take a peaceful long, long nap. Our beloved mother was 101 years old.

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